A teddy is used as a surrogate, allowing me to get feedback from your aura and chakras as if it were your own body in front of me. You get all the benefits of an in person Reiki session without having to leave the comfort of your own home. This is a powerful healing and lasts 35 minutes. At the moment I am offering this and all other Reiki healing treatments for only £25 (Payment for distance healing would need to made by bank transfer.) To book please scroll down and click book Reiki to arrange a suitable appointment.

Reiki Chakra Rebalancing Treatment

A comprehensive all over body healing to encourage the flow of life force energy known as Chi/Ki. (This is an in person treatment)

Reiki Mental Health Rebalancing Treatment

Healing specifically for the mind, focussing on emotional stability and wellbeing. (This is an in person treatment)

Reiki Distance Healing Treatment

Reiki Healing sent from a distance for those who cannot be present at an appointment but require healing or relaxation.


Recognised as more intense and powerful form of Reiki. Kundalini Reiki utilises earth energy that enters the body via the root chakra, this is then used to promote self healing.

Universal life force energy is all around us

We need only harness it’s power in order to assist our bodies to heal themselves. Do you believe in the power of the universe? Don’t struggle on with chronic illness, pain, depression or insomnia. Ask the universe to lend a healing hand.

Relax and unwind with Reflexology

As a fully qualified Reflexologist I am now able to offer you 45 minute reiki infused reflexology treatments for only £30. Reflexology uses slight pressure to reflex points in the feet to aid relaxation and attempt to alleviate symptoms of illness.

Let the Universe guide you

Start your healing journey today

Click the buttons to head to my Facebook page where you can send me a message to arrange a booking. Please note that due to the nature of my work my phone is often on silent or do not disturb mode as I am usually treating clients. Text or Facebook messenger are easier methods by which to contact me.