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How much are Treatments and how long do they last?

All 35 minute Reiki treatments cost £25. At present I am able to accept either cash or bank transfer. You can also purchase a block of 5 (35 minute) treatments for £100 saving you £25 in total. A Reflexology treatment lasts around 45 minutes and costs only £30. You can also purchase a block of 5 (45 minute ) treatments for £120 saving £30 in total.

What will the treatment involve?

You will be asked to remove footwear only as Reiki is performed when you are fully clothed. You will be asked to complete a form for my records. The form explains what Reiki is, it asks you to confirm that you understand I am not a medical professional etc. It also asks whether you wish to be contacted about Reiki in future. You will then be asked to lay on the Reiki bed on your back to start with. You can then just relax while I work with the energies. I will perform a series of hand movements around and over your body as well as applying my hands lightly to different parts of your body. You will be asked to turn over on to your stomach and the same process will continue.

Reflexology also only requires the removal of footwear. Your feet will be wiped over with a sanitiser and then worked with either talc or wax. Light pressure to acupressure points will be used to attempt to alleviate symptoms of illness and to relax the body and promote self healing.

What will I experience during the treatment?

Many clients say they experience profound relaxation. Some leave with spiritual experiences. Often people say they feel the heat from my hands. Every person’s individual experience is different. This is part of the beauty of Reiki.

Reflexology clients report feeling relaxed and enjoy the experience of human touch.

What do I need to bring with me?

Just bring your beautiful self and payment in cash for the treatment.